QuiBids Scam Myth

The QuiBids Scam Myth: We have come across many posts asking rather or not if QuiBids is a scam and we can tell you that it is not. To this date we have hundreds of QuiBids members who are also members of QuiBids Report who have won may fantastic products at great deals. There are a couple of reasons why people buy into the whole “QuiBids Scam” theory and we will attempt to debunk this myth here in this post QuiBids Scam? and share with you the tips, tricks and strategies used to get great deals on QuiBids products.

Does QuiBids Deliver the Products?

QuiBids Scam Myth #1

The first reason why many average people out there believe that QuiBids is a scam is because of the too good to be true advertisements they see. You will see iPads and Xboxes advertised for under $60 which definitely sounds too good to be true AKA a QuiBids Scam. After studying the data here on QuiBidsReport.com and participating in several QuiBids auctions I can promise you that QuiBids is NOT a scam. I have won plenty of products on QuiBids ranging from computer equipment to several gift cards all for under 40¢! Yes, I have won most of my auctions for under $0.40. The trick is knowing when the best time to bid is for the product you are going for. We have compiled over 800,000 records of closed auction data and know which times are the best for bidding. I have personally done very well on QuiBids by utilizing the data and strategies here on QuiBidsReport.com. What I can tell you is that you can win great products fr a really good prices if you know what you are doing.

How Can QuiBids Sell Such Great Products for So Cheap?

QuiBids Scam Myth #2

Ok, so iPads sell for well over $600, but I see them advertised on QuiBids.com for under $100! What gives?!?

The way QuiBids can sell iPads for under $100 is how their business model works. You a new user signs up for QuiBids then they are required to buy “bids” which are used to place bids on the products you are trying to win. The bids cost 60¢ ea. and allow you to place a 1¢ bid on a product. So for an iPad selling for $60 on QuiBids really means QuiBids takes in 6,000 1¢ bids at a rate of 60¢ ea. which equates to: (6000 x 0.60 = $3,600). This is how QuiBids is able to sell an iPad for $60 meanwhile one lucky person only pays $60 plus the cost of his or her bids. This is a great deal for both QuiBids and the lucky winner. The trick is being the lucky winner more times than not.

Tips, Tricks, & Strategies that Beat the QuiBids Scam Myth

There are several ways to beat a QuiBids auction, but it requires doing your homework.

QuiBids Scam Myth
Best Time to Bid on a $15 Lowe's Gift Card
  1. Each product on QuiBids has a best time and day to bid when site trafficis low. Know the Best Times to Bid on any QuiBids Product
  2. Each auction heats up differently than others. Some auctions have a high rate of closings very early on. Know which price ranges you should bid aggressively and which price ranges to bid last second.
  3. Before entering into an auction know the average selling price of the item. Without this you have no baseline to place bids.

Some people think they have fallen victim to the QuiBids scam, but in reality they just didn’t know how to bid smart. Don’t fall victim – Do your homework before you start bidding! Beat QuiBids – Visit our home page QuiBidsReport.com


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QuiBids Scam?

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