QuiBids Review – Starting Out on QuiBids

QuiBids Review and QuiBids Strategy

If you have just heard of penny auctions sites such as QuiBids.com then you may be asking yourself if this is all too good to be true. Can you really win iPads, Xboxs, and 55” 3D HDTVs for just pennies on the dollar? The answer is YES you can win primo merchandise for just a few cents, but it’s not necessarily that easy. In this QuiBids review we will try to explain the “ins” and “outs” of QuiBids to help guide you along the way.

QuiBids Review
QuiBids Review

When someone new to penny auctions starts browsing a site like QuiBids.com they will see incredible deals on items like a MacBook Pro that has recently sold for just for $7.47! The first conclusion that comes to most peoples’ mind is that “QuiBids is a scam.. there is no way they can sell a $2,000 laptop for just $7!” The truth is QuiBids does sell these high priced products for low prices, but you must first understand their business model to understand how they can do this.

QuiBids Review: Starting Out

In order to participate in these awesome auctions you must first register with QuiBids and then purchase a bid pack. These bid packs range from $60-$480 and give you several “bids” that you can then use to bid on items on the site (Get Free Bids with these QuiBids Promo Codes). These bids effectively cost you 60¢ ea. so when you place a bid it is actually costing 60¢. This may sound expensive, but remember that the other players are subject to the same expensive as you so in reality it is a fair battle. So that MackBook Pro that just sold for $7.47 actually netted QuiBids about $448. If you are keeping track of numbers then you probably noticed that $448 doesn’t cover QuiBids costs for the MacBook, but that is the risk the auction site runs by letting people bid on items at the last second. In the long run QuiBids makes their money back and then some because on average a MackBook Pro sells for well over $200 on the site netting QuiBids a pretty little profit while offsetting their loses.

QuiBids Review: Entertainment Shopping?

QuiBids promotes themselves as an “Entertainment Shopping” site and that is how you have to think about it. You will not win every time, but it is fun participating in the auctions. The first time you place a bid your heart will start thumping like a jackhammer as the timer starts ticking down. You ask yourself “is anyone going to outbid me?”. On something like a MackBook Pro once you place a bid you are literally just seconds away from owning it as long as someone doesn’t outbid you. It is a pretty exhilarating experience to say the least.  The best part is you can always apply what you bid towards purchasing the item at full price if you don’t win. For example if you sink $15 worth of bids into a $25 iTunes Gift Card and don’t win, then you can just click “Buy in Now” and you would only pay $10 to purchase the $25 gift card.

QuiBids Review: Winning an Item

Once you have battled it out and won an item (see more on How to Win) you will have to pay shipping on it before it becomes yours. You would think that QuiBids would try to rake you over the coals with their shipping charges, but the opposite is true. QuiBids charges modest, if not cheap shipping rates on their products. What’s the tradeoff? None – QuiBids not only is inexpensive on shipping, but the item usually arrives within 5 days of winning it! Some items are drop shipped directly from the manufacture, while others are sent to you via FedEx.

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QuiBids Review: Overall

Quibids Review and QuiBids Strategy Guide - Top QuiBids ReviewOverall QuiBids is a fair site offering great deals. However, you have to do your homework before you start bidding. It’s important to know what the average price, the best time to bid, and what price ranges to bid at if you want to be successful on QuiBids. A free tool to use is BidPanther. BidPanther is a QuiBids bidding app and shows you the average selling price of every product.

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