QuiBids Promo Codes

QuiBids Promo Codes
Use these QuiBids promo codes for free bids

QuiBids Promo Codes

QuiBids promo codes are an easy way to get some free bids! QuiBids releases new promo codes almost every week but they expire very quickly. We suggest that if you want the latest up to date promo code alerts then subscribe to our QuiBids Promo Code Alerts with  your email below. This is a great way to get the latest QuiBids coupon codes as soon as they come out and a lot easier than checking this page over and over. We never abuse your email and only send alerts when new QuiBids promo codes are released.

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QuiBids Promo Description

QuiBids Promo Code

Date Added

Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 3 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 3 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



Get 5 Free Bids



We will make a dedicated effort to keep this list of QuiBids promo codes up-to-date so check back frequently. Please comment below if you have tried any of these discount codes and they did not work. In addition, if you would like to add new promo codes then please feel free to share them here.

How to Redeem QuiBids Promo Codes

Even with these QuiBids promo codes it can be tough to win on QuiBids. That is why we have added guides to help you optimize your winnings and minimize your loses. We suggest you try some of our winning strategies listed here in this blog such as the Beginners’ Guide to QuiBids and The Best Time to Bid on QuiBids.

For a serious advantage to QuiBids try BidPanther bidding software for free.

Redeem QuiBids Promo Codes

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66 thoughts on “QuiBids Promo Codes

          1. This is all we have for now. Please add your email to be alerted to the latest promo codes as they are released.

  1. Hi, I just checked out the QuiBids Straddle Method video above and it has been very helpful. The promo codes need updating though. I suggest looking at the straddle video though 🙂

  2. Saw your TV add on NatGeo. Opened an account and tried to enter the coupon codes. I did not initially buy bids, because the commercial led me to believe you’d just receive the 20 bids to try it out. None of the above codes work. Bummer. Could’ve probably hooked me 🙁

    1. Lori,

      We are not associated with, affiliated with or endorsed by QuiBids or any other penny auction site. The promo codes listed above are just codes we have scoured the internet for.

      QuiBidsReport is a statistical service and QuiBids database telling users what the average price of products sell for on QuiBids. We also have much more.

  3. Just tried the WinBig and WINTODAY codes and both of them work. WinBig only gives 3 free bids while WINTODAY gives 10 free bids. Unfortunetly you can’t stack them so you’ll have to choose one. Most of the other ones did not work for me.

    1. We will do our best to get the latest available. For the latest promo codes please register to the right. Also learn to win more bids using the straddle method.

  4. I just used the WINTODAY and it did give me the 10 free bids. The others don’t seem to work though…

  5. One thing to keep in mind when bidding on voucher bids is not to spend more than the bids are worth including the bids you’re using to bid on the voucher. In the video, for example, he only gained a net 11 bids (with rounding) because he spent $5.87 for winning which is roughly 10 bids (5.87/0.60 per bid = 9.78 bids) plus another 29 bids during the actual bidding netting a total of 31 bids to procure 50 bids. Also remember that Quibids makes their money off of bidding, not sales. Take a Samsung Galaxy S III phone. If it sells for $58 and each bidder bid up the price by $0.01, that’s 5800 bids. Take that times the cost per bid ($0.60) and you get whopping $3480 income from bids (this assumes everyone is using purchased bids). Subtract the retail cost of $699.99 (I doubt they pay retail), add back in the auction “win” price ($58) and you get a net profit of $2838.01. 400% profit for them? I think that’s a pretty sweet deal. Not knocking the site, but want folks to go in with their eyes open. Be smart with your bidding and when/what you target. The straddle method makes sense, especially if you wait until there is only 1 second remaining on the clock. Good luck and happy bidding!

  6. I was also under the impression we be able to try this out before actually signing up… Also, none of the promo coupon codes worked for me. been waiting for the site out for a while, & have beta tested (& alpha tested) games from Sierra online when I was 12, and have tested for other large companies as well, testing their software… I would love to become a beta tester for you guys and report bugs in your software!

  7. I tried everything even the ones that you said worked the windtoday and WinBig neither one of them worked for me so they are all shit now, LOL So we have none that work now, LOL so I guess I will have to look somewhere else now, heehee Love ya all Vince..!!!

  8. None of these worked for me either. According to Quibids, they have no active codes at this time (with the exception of 25 free bids for referring a friend)

    1. That is currently true, but they do run promos from time to time. To get the latest alerts to the most recent promo codes then register with the email alert sign up.

    1. It is a bidding method that puts you at a statistically good position to win the auction more time than not. Read more about it here on our QuiBids Tips Blog.

      1. Do you not update the promo codes on this page? I understand that you want us to subscribe to the Promo Codes Alert because Codes expire quickly, but it seems as though you have not updated this page with new Promo codes for quite some time. Do subscribers get Promo Codes that are not posted on this page? If they do, then this page seems pretty irrelevant. If all the Codes are, in fact, posted on this page, then the lack of recently-updated Codes leads me to believe that subscribing would be of little use, as well.

  9. every code worked for me because some of the promo codes u need to have purchased a bid pakc first and i did and they will work

  10. They say it is tough to win on quibids. Yes, that is true. But it is even tougher because people are using gangstyle methods to win. They play in groups and they gang up on anyone who bids on their designated winner. So they all get the maximum allowed wins per month. So please don't waste your money if you do this alone.

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