QuiBids Best Time to Bid and How to Win More Often

Is There a QuiBids Best Time to Bid?

The Question asked by every Quibids user: What is the best time to bid on QuiBids? First QuiBids draws you in with the allure of winning iPads for under $50 and then you sign up and realize it’s a bit tougher to win the high desired items than you thought so then you start doing your homework. While doing your research an idea pops in your head that the traffic likely dies down at night. It’s simple right? Just wait for others to go to bed and pounce on QuiBids products all night when everyone is asleep! Not so fast..

Is bidding in the middle of the night the best time to bid on QuiBids?

So it turns out the shot-callers at QuiBids know that user traffic will be low in the middle of the night so they scale back their auctions controlling the supply side of the supply and demand equation. You can see this phenomenon reflected in the QuiBids Report data and we have looked at over 800,000 auctions to date! It turns out that for many products the worst bidding times are in the middle of the night and that the best time to bid on QuiBids are unique to every product. So the answer is that there is not a magic best time to win any given product, however if you know what you are looking for, let’s say a new Xbox 360 Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect Bundle, then there are statistically proven times that are more favorable to the bidder.

Each Product has a best time to bid on QuiBids!

QuiBids Best Time to Bids
Top 10 Best Times to Bid for a $15 Lowe’s Gift Card

When is a good time to bid on an Xbox? First, you would need to gather a vast amount of closed auction data on the particular type of Xbox auction you are eyeballing, and then analyze it to determine a good time to bid when the competition is low. This can take some time to accomplish. Luckily QuiBids Report has done all this research for you – for every product! Notice in the screenshot to the left that the average price for all of the Top 10 Best Times to Bid are well below the overall average price of 53¢.

Not only can QuiBids Report tell you the best hour to bid, but we can tell you the best day to bid. Wait -there’s more! QuiBids Report has even gone as far as to tell you the best hour of the week to bid on every product on QuiBids!

For example:





Monday 5:00 pm EST $2.47
Tuesday 7:00 pm EST $2.54
Sunday 11:00 am EST $2.75

In addition to the data above we have gathered several useful metrics to provide insight and guidance to QuiBids products. We will post other articles soon describing these techniques and how you can use them to optimizing your winnings!


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  1. Awesome information, I could use any advice and/or stuff i can get (would be nice) for free. By the way are there any reliable redeem coupons for free bids, percentage of bid packages, etc..? Every single code I have found has either replied doesn’t exist or has expired. I’m still new to this and love the competition.

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