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Gain a Penny Auction Edge with QuiBids

There is no trick to winning consistently on QuiBids. The secret to gaining an unstoppable¬† penny auction edge over other bidders is doing your homework. The more homework you do the better off you are. We all don’t have degrees as statisticians, but luckily BidPanther¬†has done all the homework for you and is crunching the latest numbers for you to give you a real edge over other penny auction players.QuiBids Report analyzes the latest data from QuiBids and provides bidders with powerful metrics and advanced statistical measures that the power bidders have been using in secret to win with less bids. QuiBids Report always uses the latest data from QuiBids and updates their database hourly so you can rest assured that the numbers reflect the latest bidding trends. In addition, you can always restrict the date range to calculate the bidding trend for any product. Let’s say you want to know the average price of an iPad 2 between the hours of 3pm-7pm. You can easily do that with QuiBids Report. The QuiBids Report service has been used by power bidders to win everything from Xbox 360 to almost unlimited amounts of bid vouchers and gameplays.

Can Statistical Data Really Give Me the Penny Auction Edge?

Absolutely it can. With QuiBids Report you can look at a single product and see what hours of the day the products on average sells for less. The lower the average price the lower the bidder competition. Knowing when to bid will take you out of the shark tank and will save you from wasting bids. For each product on QuiBids you get a report of the Top 10 Best Times to Bid. Below is a list of the best times to bid for a particular product on QuiBids that on average sells for $3.16. As you can see the times below on average sell for a third of the price than normal. That means a two thirds less competition or a 66% decrease in bidding! QuiBids Report gives power bidders the power to gain the penny auction edge over other bidders with this simple tool.

QuiBids Report gives bidders the real penny auction edge.
This product on average sells for $3.25 but as you can see it sells for a third of the price at these times (This is different for each product!)

Soon this penny auction data site will give you even more of and edge on other bidders with their new Product Alert System which will notify you 10-15 hours in advance of an auction being listed on QuiBids! Now you can be alerted of when a QuiBids product will be selling during one of these best times to bid for the ultimate penny auction edge!

Visit to begin utilizing this data and master the competition.

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