DealDash & QuiBids AutoBidder and Automatic Bidding App – Review

DealDash AutoBidder Software – BidPanther for DealDash & QuiBids

Best Quibids Autobidder on the market is BidPanther for QuiBidsHave you ever wanted a more advanced version of the DealDash or QuiBids autobidder (known as the BidBuddy Bid-O-Matic or BOM) to place bids more precisely as well as place more than 25 bids at a time? Luckily there is a browser plugin for Chrome called BidPanther for DealDash & QuiBids. BidPanther has a built in DealDash & QuiBids autobidder and is extremely fast at placing automatic bids. Our test have shown that bids can be placed in as little as 0.2 seconds on the QuiBids auction clock! Note: Your results may vary based on internet speed and distance from the QuiBids server. That means you only place a bid when its absolutely necessary which in turn saves you bids and money. An advanced QuiBids autobidder allows you to enhance your bidding experience by utilizing QuiBids statistical strategies such as the Straddle Method.

BidPanther’s DealDash & Quibids Autobidder Feature # 1

With BidPanther’s automatic bidding, you have full control over your bidding strategy. Set price ranges you want to start/stop placing bids. This means you don’t have to actively monitor the quibids auction to turn the Bid-O-Matic on and off. BidPanther’s built in price points allow you to strategically enter any auction at precise times to further increase your odds of winning. For example, bidding around the Straddle Points (read more here about the Straddle Method) and hot prices can increase your odds 68%.

BidPanther’s Quibids Autobidder Feature # 2

BidPanther’s autobidder allows for bid placement at any moment in the auction including when the auction clock gets as low as 0.2 seconds! Wow, this powerful feature helps you save bids like never before. Having tested BidPanther autobidder,  I can assure you that you can get great results controlling when bids are placed. You can even set the autobidder to place bids randomly between two time settings to add more variability to your auction strategy.

Best QuiBids autobidder

BidPanther’s Quibids Autobidder Feature # 3

With BidPanther’s QuiBids autobidder you can limit when you place bids based on how many recent bidders are in the auction. It’s no secret that the more recent bidders the less likely the auction is going to end. A seasoned QuiBids player know to place bids when recent bidders are low. Setting this autobid feature keeps you out of the middle of a bidding war and puts you in a great place to win.

BidPanther’s Quibids Autobidder Feature # 4

Don’t get locked out of the auction! Does your bidding strategy include bidding late in the auction? Using BidPanther’s anti-lockout feature the autobidder will strategically place a bid at just the right moment to prevent you from being locked out allowing you to to bid later in the auction where bidders are low on bids.

BidPanther’s Quibids Autobidder Feature # 5

The QuiBids autobidder, aka Bid-O-Matic, only let’s you set 25 bids as your max bids, but many auctions require many more bids than that to be effective. With BidPanther’s autobidder, you can enter any number of bids to ensure playing the auction as long or short-term as you like.

We suggest you try BidPanther for Quibids yourself. They have both paid and free version of the software, but if you decide to purchase then use promo code ADVANTAGE20 to take 20% off.

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