BidPanther Review for QuiBids

BidPanther Review

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track every auction on a popular penny auction site; spy on competitors; and have a virtual assistant do all the bidding for you? In this BidPanther review we’re going to walk you through all these features.

BidPanther Works With…

Currently, BidPanther can be used in the following penny auction sites:

BidPanther Review – Key Features

Analytics, auction tracking, and auto-bidding are the strongest suits of this software. However, there are a lot of other features and details that a potential user should know about before getting BidPanther. Here they are:

Auction Analytics (BidPanther Review): After installation, the Auction Analytics is automatically integrated into the auction pages of the supported sites. The software has numerous tabs – all filled with data regarding the auctions on QuiBids. These include:

The list of bidders on the auction you’re on
The amount of bids every bidder placed
Trending stats like average, maximum, and minimum ending price
Number of analyzed auctions for the product you’re viewing
And many more

This feature helps you placed well-timed bids by helping you predict when the auction will close, at what price, and whether it will be profitable for you to pursue the auction based on previous data. Granted, it’s not a surefire way to win…but this is definitely better than playing by ear.

Bidder Analytics (BidPanther Review): Like the auction analytics, this feature is seamlessly integrated to the auction page once you have BidPanther installed. As the name suggests, Bidder Analytics gives you insights regarding the bidders who have placed bids on the auctions you’re viewing. Clicking on any of the usernames will bring up statistics specific to that user. The information tabs include:

Total number of bids they’ve placed for every auction that they’ve placed a bid on.
Total number of auctions the bidder won
The user’s “Win Rate” expressed in percentages
The number of higher-ticket auctions (over $200) the bidder has won
Past wins and losses
And those are just to name a few

This is very useful for spying on successful bidders at QuiBids. And why would you want to spy on them? To copy them and succeed too of course!

AutoBidder (BidPanther Review): The name says it all – this tool lets you bid even if you’re away from the computer. While it is user friendly, the AutoBidder’s options are pretty comprehensive. It lets you:

Put a minimum price before it starts bidding and set a “stop” by setting a max price
Limit the amount of bids on an auction
Prevent you from being locked out in QuiBids
Randomize the timing of your bids
Tell it to place bids for you at exact times (ex.: each time the timer reaches 4.3 seconds or lower still 0.5 sec)

And we’re just getting started! You can use the AutoBidder on as many auctions you want and all at the same time. If you’re going to be away from home and won’t have access to the internet, you can set up AutoBidder days or even weeks in advance. This ensures you get a shot at winning the auction even if you’re away.

The true strength of the AutoBidder, however, is that you can set it up to play and bid just like you…or just like the successful bidder you spied on with Bidder Analytics.

Auction Tracker (BidPanther Review): What good would a bunch of bid credits do if you can’t find auctions you like, right? Well, that’s what the auction tracker is for. This feature gives you complete and immediate access to every auction on QuiBids…and that includes the hidden auctions.

You see, some auctions are removed from the homepage once they hit a certain mark. This prevents users from bidding on the auction over and over again…making it run indefinitely. But do not worry as Auction Tracker puts those hidden auctions right in front of you in plain sight.

Other Features (BidPanther Review): We suggest you Download the free BidPanther eBook to get more details of all features BidPanther has to offer.

BidPanther Review – Final Thoughts

BidPanther has a robust set of features that really make winning on QuiBids much easier. The price tag for BidPanther’s is free to try price model which is free for 3 days and $19.99/month after that. It might sound like a high price, but it will easily save you that much in bids on the first day of use. BidPanther also offers a basic mode which is totally free too but has very few of the features mentioned above. When you look at the price tag and the set of features that BidPanther offers it is clear it is the best QuiBids app so we recommend it with our 5 star rating.

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14 thoughts on “BidPanther Review for QuiBids

  1. wow! how interesting. You are writing an independent review of a product you own and developed! I am sure it is true and unbiased fuckin’ retards…lol

    1. We are simply comparing product features like many other sites do. When BidPanther is released you can try it for free and compare your self.

  2. This software sounds awesome, I can’t wait to get my hand on it.
    My only question is whether it is possible to export data from bidpanther or quibidsreport to an excel document.

  3. I am very perplexed about these solutions.
    I do not think the bids website would give them access to all the data they want, past auctions, private details about each user, etc.
    So it is very not clear how they could genuinely get all of what they claim.

    1. You are correct, QuiBids does not provide this data to us in a single whole set, however we are constantly watching and recording the data as it happens live. That is how we get the data.

  4. Do you think it will ever be possible to IM other bidders during an auction.This would be a helpful tool.

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