QuiBids Strategy – Beginners’ Guide To QuiBids

A Winning QuiBids Strategy

Beginners’ Guide To QuiBids

We get a lot of question on how to win on QuiBids, but lately many newbies have wanted to know how to get started on their way to QuiBids success. This article is aimed at helping users get started with a winning QuiBids Strategy and how to optimize their plunder.

Beginners’ QuiBids Strategy:

First, I would suggest new users start off small to get a feel for how the auctions work. Your very first auction, although not guaranteed to win, is usually a gimmie. I have heard of players easily winning $25 Gift Cards right off the bat with just a few bids. After your first win try going after some of the items on the “easiest items to win” list or maybe $10 gift cards. On the easy items you can come in aggressive, bid early, and out bid anyone who bids against you up until the 1st or 2nd quartiles. Many times this will get you an easy win at a good price (under 20¢). The trick is knowing when the aggressive bidding isn’t working. If you ever get into one of these situations then back off and execute the Straddle Method (see below). Then once you get a hang of that try bigger items.

Intermediate QuiBids Strategy:

QuiBids Strategy - Quartiles
Quartiles help new users win! NOTE: Quartiles vary for each product!

The higher the retail value of the item the less chance aggressive bidding will work. You will need to study the data a little more to pick good price points to jump in at. There are some strategies that advocate different bidding styles based on what the current price point is. Aggressive early, random off rhythm bidding in the middle, and last second towards the end. Beginning, middle, and end are all dictated based on the quartiles located in the item detain under Basic Search.A new QuiBids user can bid aggressively in the early quartiles where competition has yet to form. Each quartile represents the cutoff for 25% of the data. For example 25% of the auctions for the example to the left have closed bu 03¢, 50% closed by 09¢, 75% closed by 26¢, and 100% have closed by $2.05 (which is the max the item sold for).

Pro QuiBids Strategy:

QuiBids Strategy - Best Time to BidThe big items like TVs and laptops are monsters of their own. Here you have to have a bankroll of bids at your disposal. While it is possible to snag a deal on these high priced items it is unlikely unless you see a perfect storm of conditions. Try checking out the “best times to bid” for several high value items and see if a pattern emerges. Then if you see a high value item going around that time then you may want to give it a shot. However a bankroll of bids is still likely necessary.

If possible, try to always be willing to pay full price on the items you are bidding on. This helps you reduce your loses by capitalizing on the “buy it now” option if you don’t win.


As for the Straddle points there is a video on the straddle method. It is a late bidding method where you try to wait out most of the competition. This QuiBids strategy is not a fool-proof method, but has helped many players win items. You still have to bid with discretion. For example, if there are 2 Bid-O-Matics going head to head at either straddle point then you may want to back off and wait a little longer.  Note: in this video we refer to “Upper Limits” which are referred to on this site as “Straddle Entry Points“. The safe straddle is just a little higher price point to jump into. It gives you a better chance of winning, but you risk the item selling before it reaches that level.

QuiBids Strategy - Best Day to BidThe best Days and Times to bid are based on days/hours that have had consistently low average selling prices. These are worth keeping an eye out for as this QuiBids strategy can help you pickup easy wins by just being in the right place at the right time.


We hope this helps you get started.



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