5 QuiBids Tips to Help You Win Using BidPanther

5 Ways BidPanther Helps You Win (Quibids Tips)

QuiBids can be a tricky penny auction site to consistently win, but following these 5 BidPanther for Quibids Tips will help you master the penny auction game and save you bids while you’re at it. As always, when using any QuiBids tips, bid at your own risk while keeping personal risk tolerance in mind.

BidPanther for QuiBids Tip #1:

QuiBids Straddle Method QuiBids Tips

Place bids strategically using statistically proven price points that give you a better chance of winning the auction. For example, placing bids at the Straddle Method price points you are much more likely to win. That’s because many auctions in that price range close very soon because bidders are almost out of bids.Note: Most QuiBids auctions will lock just before the straddle price points because they know the advantage it provides players entering the auction at this point. Using BidPanther’s anti-lock and auto-bidder function will prevent you from being locked from the auction. To see someone successfully using these Quibids tips watch the following youtube video:

BidPanther for QuiBids Tip #2:

Know which players overbid and save bids by avoiding them. Saving bids is like winning right? With BidPanther each bidder is color coded based on their voucher usage and overbid ratio. Avoiding these players can save you tons in the long run.

QuiBids Tips Overbidders

BidPanther for QuiBids Tip #3:

Researching other players can tell you if they recently had a big voucher bid win which might mean they are willing to bid much more aggressively. With BidPanther you can see all of the other players recorded wins and skill level.

QuiBids Tips Full Bidder History


BidPanther for QuiBids Tip #4:

Know the ending price of an auction! What?!? Is that possible? Well, not exactly, but BidPanther makes a pretty good guess based on live auction variables. BidPanther’s Price Prediction is even more powerful when the auction locks and new bidders can’t join. Just wait until the predicted price starts getting close to the real price and start bidding.

QuiBids Tips BidPanther Price Predction

BidPanther for QuiBids Tip #5:

BidPanther’s most powerful feature is knowing how many bids each bidder has placed and forming a strategy to pounce when the time is right.

QuiBids Tips Counting Bids BidPanther

These 5 BidPanther for QuiBids Tips alone give you an extreme advantage over other bidders, but BidPanther has much more to offer. To find out more about BidPanther for QuiBids then please visit BidPanther.com

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